Your gut microbiome and good health


We are not alone!


This is not about life in the far corners of the outer universe, it is about life in your inner universe, your gut and why your Gut Microbiome Is Key To Good Health.

Microbes inhabited the planet long before human appeared, and we were promptly colonised by them as a natural and inevitable process. Together, we co-evolved into this finely tuned super-organism, where microbes play a very important role in our health and wellbeing.

We may not notice but our gut is full of them because, at the end of the day, there is a constant flow of food for them/us going through.

So, maybe the first reason why our gut microbiome is key to your health is the simple fact that in a healthy person all ‘seats’ on the table are taken – there is no more room for pathogens.


Your gut microbiome and good health

If they do come in, our good bugs produce antimicrobial substances to ward them off. They also alert our immune system of the danger and Your gut microbiome and good healthsend signals far and wide to prepare for defence. This is so important that entire bacterial communities of our microbiome work together helping one another to get the job done.

The mechanisms are highly complex, so much so that at times the immune system over-reacts and in come our friends and regulate it down to avoid damage to ourselves.

In the good times, our microbiome is able to make nutrients out of indigestible fibre we don’t have enzymes for. Up to 10% of our energy needs are provided in this way.

On top of that, many beneficial bacteria produce vitamins for us and help with the absorption of minerals from our food. These are services we take for granted and notice only when they are disturbed, and we suffer shortages. So, there are many good reasons to look after our gut microbiome and help them looking after us.


Current clinical trials – Your gut microbiome and good health

If you want to know about the bugs in your own gut, we’re currently conducting a clinical trial. We’re investigating if a prebiotic fibre supplement taken over a 3-week period without any changes to the usual diet would get you more ‘regular’ and help improve your gut health. You’ll get your personal microbiome tested free and we’ll give you advice on how to stay healthy. To find out if you’re eligible might be eligible for our study click on this link


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