Recurrent Vaginal Thrush Clinical Study

Dr Beth Steels

Dr Beth Steels

Dr Beth Steels

Natural help for helping manage reoccurring vaginal thrush and associated gut symptoms

Vaginal thrush (candidiasis) is a commonly occurring condition and up to 75% of women will experience it, and require treatment with an anti-fungal cream.

When it starts occurs more than 3-4 times a year, it is considered recurrent thrush and this condition may have associated GIT and mood related symptoms.

Research has also that gut microbiome Imbalance, vaginal microbiome imbalance and stress may exacerbate this condition.

How natural medicines help…

There is increasing evidence that herbal medicines and probiotics may help manage and reduce occurance and severity of vaginal thrush and associated GIT symptoms.

This is a double blind randomised clinical trial assessing a novel natural prebiotic for the management, reduction in number and severity of recurrent thrush episodes.

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Joining this study…

When you join this study you’ll be asked to take a herbal medicine or comparator for 6 months.

  • you’ll have a phone conversation with one of our clinicians who will explain the study and assess your eligibility
  • you’ll be sent a pathology form for a blood test
  • you’ll then be supplied a herbal medicine to take for 6 months
  • Each month, you will have a check-in with our clinician through an e-consult


  • You can undertake this study in the comfort of your own home with simply two visits to a local pathology provider.
  • All products supplied and blood tests are completely free.
  • At the end of the study all participants will be provided with a $50 gift card.


Ethics Committee: This study has been reviewed and approved by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine Human Research Ethics Committee. Approval number is. 013E_2023

Evidence Sciences is a research and regulatory affairs consultancy firm with the primary focus on specialised nutrition and holistic wellness outcomes.

To join this trial or want more information simply fill in the form below

Recurrent Vaginal Thrush Study Form

Recurrent Vaginal Thrush Study Form

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