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Blood Sugar Challenge – Pre-diabetes Clinical Trial


    • Are you having trouble losing weight?
    • Feeling tired and lack energy?
    • Too busy to exercise?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions and you’re happy to have a blood test to see if any of these symptoms are related to your glucose or insulin levels, you could be a candidate for our pre-diabetes clinical trial.


Pre-diabetes Clinical Trial Details

The study product is a herbal medicines. It is assessing the effect of the herbal medicines on blood glucose levels when taken for 12 weeks.

How might this trial help you?
You may not know if your blood sugar levels are affecting your health, we will provide a free consult and a free blood test to find out. If you are pre-diabetic (your levels are higher than they should be), you are invited to join the trial, where we use herbal supplements to try and bring your blood sugar levels down.

After the trial is completed, we provide a free comprehensive consultation to set up a long term health plan for you

The study has been reviewed and approved by an accredited Research and Human Ethics Committee in accordance with the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

COVID-19 Statement 
Your safety is our priority. Please discuss the option of participating in our clinical trials through Tele-Health consultations from your own home.

Health Check Up
A comprehensive Pathology Health Assessment is provided when you participate in our clinical trials. We encourage everyone to have regular health checks.


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Pre-Diabetes Clinical Trial