Wellness – The Critical Role of the Gut Microbiome

We know now that the gut microbiome plays an important role in supporting digestive and immune health. It is so important that the gut microbiome is now called our “gut brain”. Feeding the gut microbiome the right foods (pre-biotics) will give you the best chance of encouraging the “good” bugs to grow and inhibit the bugs that cause gut issues and inflammation.


What does a health gut microbiome mean?

This is not the only function of our microbiome. We need a healthy microbiome to support our immune health so that we can protect gut microbiomeourselves from physical and mental stresses and also infections, as well as improve our skin health, our metabolism and sleep. Not to forget, a healthy gut microbiome also protects us from invading pathogens, which are always around.

There are clear indicators that digestive ailments and our metabolism and more severe diseases are linked to an imbalance in gut microbiota composition. And the easiest way to keep our gut microbiome happy is to try to incorporate some foods that contain “pre-biotic fibre” in our diet every day. This helps our good bugs keeping the bad ones in check – maintaining a healthy balance.

We have the opportunity to see which bugs inhabit our gut and if they are in balance through gene-testing. This test identifies the individual bugs as well as your microbiome diversity which is the number of different bugs that inhabit our gut. The greater the microbiome diversity, the healthier you are.


Want to know more about your gut microbiome?

If you want to know about the bugs in your own gut, you might be eligible for our study where we investigate the effect of a prebiotic fibre on the gut microbes in people suffering from mild constipation. We want to investigate if a prebiotic fibre supplement over a 3-week period without any changes to the usual diet would get people more ‘regular’ and help improve gut health.

More details about this trial are here: https://www.evidencesciences.com.au/gut-function-clinical-trial/ 


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Stay healthy!

Dr Beth Steels
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