Gut Health Tip No. 1 – Feed your bugs!

We all know that we don’t eat enough vegetables. and this makes our bugs very unhappy! These bugs make up our microbiome, a community of micro-organisms that live in our gut and help us stay healthy. Eating the right foods can help give our bugs a helping hand but can be tricky to know though which foods are helping our bugs and which ones are not.

At Evidence Sciences Wellness Clinic our specialist healthcare practitioners can help guide you to eating the best foods for your microbiome and your health. If you’re not sure if you’re feeding your bugs, give us a call on 0431 256 393 or visit click here to book in with one of our gut health practitioners and be on your way to a healthier microbiome and a healthier you.


Gut health – how to keep your microbiome happy

Gut bugs love to eat feast on healthy fibres which are found in vegetables and these are known as prebiotics. Eating fruit, vegetables and cereals may support your digestive health and can promote the increase of friendly bacteria in your gut. If you are already doing this and still feel like your gut is unhappy, maybe you need to see someone who can help give you a better understanding of your microbiome and what exactly it is that you need. Everyone’s microbiome is different. Our healthcare practitioners can help guide you to understanding your microbiome and what can be helpful for you.


Gut health – how to keep your bugs balanced

Eating prebiotic fibre such as bananas, leek, whole grains, avocados, carrots, the skin of apples and other fruit and vegetables is food for your gut bugs and helps them grow and be happy. Having enough friendly bacteria in your gut and can improve your digestion, improve metabolic health and may boost your immune system.

Things such as certain medications, a poor diet and stress can upset our gut bug balance and we can end up feeling unwell. Everyone ideal gut balance is different and what might be helpful for someone else may not be right for you. Your Evidence Sciences Wellness Clinic gut health clinician can help you make sense of your gut bugs and help you get your gut back on track and feeling healthy again.


The benefits of happy bugs is a healthy gut

When your microbiome (your gut bugs) is balanced and healthy, you’ll

  • have a good metabolism which helps you manage weight
  • digest food better
  • have an improved gut function
  • sleep better
  • have a better mood
  • enjoy the benefits of a stronger immune system
  • may help to stabilise your blood sugar levels


There are different ways to help get your bugs happy. Everyone has a different ideal mix of gut bugs and what works for one person might not be the right fit for your gut. At Evidence Sciences Wellness Clinic we can help you make choices that are right for your gut bugs so that they too can be happy and healthy.

Give me a call today on 0431 256 393 or contact me using the form below to make a time to see one of our gut health clinicians and you’ll be on your way to a happier gut and a healthier you in no time.

Stay healthy!

Emily Pickering
Evidence Sciences Wellness Clinic


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