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Dr Beth Steels


Dr Beth Steels

Dr Beth Steels

Natural help for low mood, depression and anxiety

More Australians are taking antidepressants than ever before, with prescription rates doubling over the past 10 years. Australia has the second-highest per capita usage of antidepressants of all OECD countries, following Iceland.

Anti-depressant medication is the first line of defence for treating depressive illness. In some cases by themselves, they do not always have the optimal outcome. Research shows that anti-inflammatory herbs can be used as an adjunct to medication to further reduce symptoms such as anxiety or insomnia and improve mood and general quality of life. 

How natural medicines help…

There is increasing evidence that herbs reduce inflammation and have a protective effect against neuro-inflammation.

This double blind randomised clinical study is using a herbal combination of three well known anti-inflammatory herbs that have been shown to increase feelings of wellbeing and reduce anxiety, depression and insomnia while improving cognition and memory.

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Joining this study…

When you join this study you’ll be asked to take a herbal medicine or comparator alongside your current antidepressant medication for up to 10 weeks.

  • you’ll have a phone conversation with one of our clinicians who will explain the study and assess your eligibility
  • you’ll be sent a pathology form for a blood test and a link to fill out a simple questionnaire 
  • you’ll then be supplied a herbal medicine to take alongside you current antidepressant medication for up to 10 weeks
  • during this time you’ll receive further links to two short, simple questionnaires for you to provide feedback
  • at the end of the trial you’ll have another personalised consultation with our clinicians and take a second blood test


  • You can undertake this study in the comfort of your own home with simply two visits to a local pathology provider.
  • All products supplied and blood tests are completely free.
  • At the end of the study all participants will be provided with 8 weeks further supply of the herbal medication also free of charge together with a $50 gift card.


Ethics Committee: This study has been reviewed and approved by the National Institute of Integrative Medicine Human Research Ethics Committee. Approval number is. 0094E_2021

The project is being conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Steels, Evidence Sciences Pty. Ltd. Dr Steels is the Research Director at Evidence Sciences Pty. Ltd. and an Adjunct Research Fellow, Department of Pharmacy, University of Queensland, in Brisbane. Evidence Sciences is a research and regulatory affairs consultancy firm with the primary focus on specialised nutrition and holistic wellness outcomes.

To join this trial or want more information simply fill in the form below

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Mood Study Form

Mood Study

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